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British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience

Committee Members

Please feel free to contact us with any news, questions or suggestions. Membership enquiries and applications should be made through our Membership page.

Name Position University / Organisation Email Website
Stephen Jackson


University of Nottingham Stephen.Jackson@nottingham.ac.uk Stephen's webpage
Torsten Baldeweg Past Chair Institute of Child Health, UCL t.baldeweg@ich.ucl.ac.uk Torsten's webpage
Martin Edwards Secretary Universite catholique de Louvain Martin.Edwards@uclouvain.be Martin's webpage
Nick Cooper Web Editor/
University of Essex ncooper@essex.ac.uk Nick's webpage
      Martin.Edwards@uclouvain.be Martin's webpage
Daniel Baker   University of York daniel.baker@york.ac.uk Daniel's webpage
Nathan Ridout   Aston University n.ridout@aston.ac.uk Nathan's webpage
Astrid Schloerscheidt   University of Dundee a.schloerscheidt@dundee.ac.uk Astrid's webpage
Amanda Marshall Student Rep
University of Essex acmars@essex.ac.uk Amanda's webpage
Monica Berntsen Student Rep University of Essex mbernt@essex.ac.uk Monica's webpage
Volker Thoma Treasurer University of East London v.thoma@uel.ac.uk Volker's webpage