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British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience


Research Human Scientist
Affective State Ltd
Location:              Winchester (Some remote working practices may be negotiated)
Hours:                    Full and part time applicants are encouraged to register their interest.
Salary:                    £30,000 - £40,000 PA, depending on experience and working hours
Affective State Ltd is seeking to recruit a human scientist, with a background in cognitive psychology or psychophysiology to help deliver an exciting research programme. This project is designed to explore the development of objective markers of psychological state during well-characterised laboratory tasks, and in less constrained environments. Experience in experimental techniques designed to test and evaluate models of human information processing would be beneficial, as would an understanding of the influence that affective components of mental state have on individual performance and well-being. The role would involve working with a well-motivated team to design and run an empirical study, and to analyse and report findings.
Professional Qualifications Sought
  • BSc / BA Psychology
  • MSc / PhD - in Cognitive Psychology
Key Experience/Characteristics Sought
  • Previous experience of research or practice in the applied cognitive sciences.
  • Experience of qualitative and quantitative research and analysis
  • Experience of undertaking evidence/literature reviews
  • Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team including social, occupational and experimental psychologists, physiologists, data analysts, and technologists
  • Writing skills
  • Existing security clearance or eligibility to be security cleared to at least BPSS level
About Affective State
Affective State is a small company based in Winchester, providing research, development and consultancy services in the human sciences to a wide range of customers. We have a strong focus on developing novel interfaces to enable users to interact with next-generation technologies, and aim to understand how the sensitivities of the human sensory systems can be employed to increase performance and user engagement. Critical to this is the understanding of key capabilities of humans to evaluate their local surroundings, and make well-judged decisions based on experience, expertise and knowledge. We aim to optimise human performance and well-being in complex and stressful environments by understanding how an individual responds to and interacts with their local environment.

For details contact Blair Dickson at blair.dickson@affectivestate.com