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British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience


University of Nottingham Fellowships

The University of Nottingham is currently advertising a large number (100 fellowships by the end of 2020) of 3-year tenure-track research fellowship positions. These positions are intended to allow outstanding early-career researchers to develop an independent research programme at the University of Nottingham before moving into a tenured academic position with us.

Further information can be found here: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/research/researchwithus/fellowships/internally-funded.aspx

The University of Nottingham has also invested considerably in establishing a Beacon of Excellence in Imaging for Precision Medicine and a number of the above research fellowships are linked to this initiative subject to suitable candidates being identified. In particular, we are especially keen to attract tenure-track research fellows working in the following areas:

Imaging-guided neuromodulation approaches to brain function
Computational approaches to understanding brain function and dysfunction
Computational medical imaging
Artificial intelligence approaches for the acquisition and analysis of medical imaging